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The Time Traveler Chronicles :
Mission Metaverse Reborn


The year is 4022, and mankind has become subservient, dull, and senile. There's nothing that excites anyone anymore. Merely 14 years old, teenage scientist and high-functioning Jacob discovers a time machine buried in the desert by a group of extraterrestrial beings. Already passionate and fascinated about quantum physics and alternate timelines, Jacob decides to see how people used to live before. His main goal: to make humankind excited about life itself, about living in the known. Based on the discovered time machine, Jacob customizes his time machine to build a superior version which allows him to create clones of himself and disperse them throughout alternate timelines. These clones - Common, Rare, Super Rare, Legendary and Golden Legendary travel to different timelines and help people realize their true potential, collect data and thus, aim to create a better future. But what happens when T2, another genius, high-functioning scientist hears about Jacob's plan and doesn't want this to happen? What if T2's sole vision is to let humanity be dull and boring, and thwart Jacob's plans? Let's see how that goes.

About The characters


Compassionate, super smart and empathic Jacob aims to rebuild the universe as we know it. His goal: to make humankind excited about themselves and their surroundings again. Being a genius teenager, he tweaks the time machine and uses it to create clones of himself and dispatches them to alternate timelines so that they can observe and collect data about how people used to live earlier, what gave them joy while doing even the basic things. These clones assimilate with the human beings from the past and feed data back to Jacob. Jacob focuses on analysing the data and integrating changes in his own universe.


T2 is an unknown entity who wants to thwart Jacob's plans. The evil genius is ready to go to any lengths to see Jacob fail, even if it means getting access to Jacob's version of time machine, creating mirror clones whose sole purpose is the annihilation of Jacob's timelines to see his own timeline flourish. No one knows who T2 is, or why is he so hell-bent on destroying Jacob, or his ultimate end goal. But one thing is certain: T2 will do anything and everything, even if it means destroying himself.


Much like worker bees, Common clones observe their surroundings and mingle with people to gauge their intelligence. They make small talk, passively observe people, and collect data to teleport it to Jacob.


Rare clones are one step ahead of Commons. They become a part of societies and culture which allows them to actively interact with people in their timelines, learn about them and have a small but significant impact at the fundamental level in the lives of all kinds of people.

Super Rare

Super Rare clones create a difference with children and elderly in their timelines. They shape their minds and make them more intelligent, and increase their value when it comes to contributing to the existing society. They are not at the top of the food chain, yet they are positioned in very crucial and important posts, professions and duties that become key aspects in transforming the world into a better place. Their ultimate goal is to generate enough ripples in time to impact positive change.


Legendaries, or as people call them “Great Minds” excel at climbing the social ladder in their timelines. They are some of the few ones who have the power to make actual changes in timelines, create a ripple effect which can be felt by other clones across timelines. Legendaries are responsible for maintaining world order, create order out of chaos and thus, are placed in strategic points in the history of mankind to steer their hand towards peace and keep timelines intact.

Golden Legendary

They are the rarest and ultimate clones, the supreme, the leaders. They can travel between timelines, universes, steer world leaders towards making significant changes powerful enough to make or break timelines. They communicate directly with Jacob and help him make an informed decision regarding the others, and the changes Jacob might want to implement in his timeline.
Surprisingly, they are the only ones who can subdue their own consciousness and allow Jacob to see their designated timelines through their own eyes, while allowing Jacob to take possession of their bodies (transfer Jacob’s mind/consciousness) just in case something happens to his original body.

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The sale period of first collection on opensea [February- March 2023]
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Creation and auditing of smart contract - [April- May2023]
T2 token launch on DEXs - [July- August 2023]
The sale period of second collection (m on a platform token that power nfts - [August- October 2023]
Production of Time traveler T2 anime [October- December 2023]
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Release of Time Traveler T2 anime - [around January 2024]
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Release of Gaming Metaverse- Q3 2024